About Us

Zoom Parcel Service provides its customers a unique and comfortable way to move their shipments and parcels across all over Pakistan with a dedicated and enthusiastic team network, enabling our customers to conduct their business by zeal and zest by partnering with Zoom. Zoom Parcel Service ensures its customers the timely delivery of their products delivered to their targeted customers with utmost care, upkeep and exactitude.

We provide unique facility to our customers to manage their shipments by our interactive, smooth and easy online booking portal, which allows our customers to control their shipment accuracy in real manner and provide them an easy way to book and track their shipments. For prolonging business relations with our customers and easing their businesses we also provide API integration to the online business sellers and E-Commerce Stores.


Account Opening and Login Registration

Zoom Parcel Service has the standard and unified system for account opening and login registration, account opening form is available at www.zoomparcelservice.com. Customer can fill and file the online request on online available portal but the account will be opened after verification and approval by Zoom Officials by visiting the customer and after accepting and signing the terms and conditions by the customer.

Shipment Packaging

It is the prime responsibility of the customer to make sure that the shipment is packed safely and solely in correct order. It is responsibility of the customer to mention all safety measures and standard procedures adopted for packaging the product and seal the packet correctly and properly. Zoom Parcel Service will provide the flyers and boxes as required by the customer. The customer has to bear the charges of the packaging material provided by the Zoom Parcel Service. The flyers are available in three sizes in inches as Small 8×11, Medium12x16, Large 14×22, and will be charged as value in PKR.15, 20 and 25 respectively. The initial payment of the ordered flyers will be paid by the customer in hard cash; latterly ordered flyers will be adjusted in customer’s account.

Shipment Booking

It is the prime responsibility of the customer to ensure that the recipient payment must be ready at the time of product drop-off and not the responsibility of Zoom Parcel Service representative. Except cash no other form such as Cheque, Pay Order, and Demand Draft will be accepted as payment. Payments will be received only in cash form from the recipient. If in any case the recipient fails to produce cash at the time of drop-off the shipment will not be delivered and will be returned to the customer. The customer will be responsible for paying any kinds of courier charges for such shipments. In such case or otherwise a shipment is rebooked for the same recipient it will be charged via new airway bill at the time of second booking of the parcel.